Kitchen Tools Potato Mashers Ricers Porpable Stainless Steel Potato Masher Ricer Puree Vegetable Fruit Press Maker Press Maker

production machine, crusher potato


Wave machines. Tenske. Salad making box. Stainless steel. Potato mameya prorganics. 430 stainless steel. Potato and fruitsCondititon: Machine gadget. Tomato machines. 

Roasted Potato

10 inch. Yllo olly. 24*10.5cm(l*w). Potato mud pressure. -20~120 degrees c.. Gadget home. Wholesale crusher fruit. Fda & lfgb. S06hg300238. Potato chipper chopper. Potato puree press. Garlic mashers. Time: 6.9\'\' x 4.1\'\'/17.5cm x 10.5cm. Onion press. Mashing any boiled vegetables or juicing fruit. Ja210. French fry blades. Brownies silicone. Material quality: 

Kitchen Tools

Sz51606. Round tube handle. Other. K3631. 4655f chips. Gxyayybb. Abs and stainless steel. 9*14.5cm. Opp bag. Material : 

Materials Modeling

Cdz1z48. Potato masher tool. Microplaner zesterKitchen cooking tools. Classification 1: Multifunctional kitchen household stainless steel. K3484. Eggs crusher. Peeler pineapple. Beef head. 23*11.5*12.5cm. Vhc35. Silicone rubber. Thickness of lower steel line: Shredder. Shoulin mention vegetables device. :white. Pecification:Cx-318. As the picture colors at random. 

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